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Pregnant With Twins! The In’s and Out’s of My Pregnancy!

Pregnancy for me wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. I almost, kinda sorta, secretly hated those woman who would say “oh, pregnancy is so great!” and “It’s such a rewarding experience”.

Rewarding or not, everyday I always thought back to why there was no stork delivering these babies to my door…

Lets go through it by trimesters:

Trimester 1: This trimester is where I thought i was literally dying. My husband would leave for work, I would be in bed, and he would come back and I’d be in the same spot. I couldn’t eat anything at all. I was hardly able to keep bread and crackers down. I threw up at least once a day, usually more, and felt nauseous the rest of it. During the third month of the first trimester I was able to keep down very familiar flavoured food, such as Mcdonalds, Wendys and Harveys. So I ate the chicken sandwiches almost daily out of any of those places. This seemed to stay somewhat down.

Trimester 2: This trimester was not so bad, however I was so busy planning my wedding and sorting through all the kinks that it flew by so quickly, I didn’t even get to enjoy it! This trimester is where I bought most of the baby items and stuff for our house as we were moving. I was able to walk around, with breaks every 15-20 minutes, but still walking at this stage, so that was a positive! This trimester came to a quick halt I would say around June/July, at which point I became practically immobile.

Trimester 3: This is the trimester where the simple things in life, that we really don’t appreciate very much became extremely difficult for me and some days impossible. You know, things like, walking, talking, BREATHING, and practically anything which involved getting up.

  1. Walking anywhere became so tiring to me, that the mere thought of it made me want to continue to stay in bed. At this point in time if I was walking anywhere I required breaks every 5-8 minutes. After that time I would need to sit somewhere. Literally I would sit anywhere, I would sit on the ground if there were no chairs around, cause i physically just could not stand! It was the absolute worst!
  2. Talking became difficult because I would run out of breath so quickly. For everyone who knows me, I am the biggest chatterbox, so for me to not have been able to talk, was a HUGE deal!
  3. Breathing became practically impossible. I would have constant anxiety attacks, during the day and in the middle of the night where I would literally go outside on the balcony at 3am to get “air” as I felt the house did not have one drop of it. Eugene (hubby) would freak out every time and want to take me to the emergency room. I just really and truly couldn’t breath…in my head atleast.

During my third trimester, I also found out (one week before my scheduled C-Section), that my iron levels were extremely low and that if I didn’t get IV iron for atleast 2 treatment sessions, there was a very high chance I would need a blood transfusion at some point during the surgery. This is something the doctors obviously wanted to avoid, so first week of October I had sat at Mount Sinai on two separate occasions for 4 hours at a time staring at the IV trickling its way down to my arm. I hate needles and am scared shitless of doctors…so this was not a fun experience for me.

Fun fact and for future knowledge: During my ENTIRE pregnancy I was craving ice. I would literally chew on ice. Cups upon cups of it. Popsicles were good too, but physical ice that I was able to chew on was where it was at! When I had gone to the hemoglobin doctor (who had prescribed the IV iron to me), I found out that this is actually a huge sign of anemia! Its called Pica.

Pica Defined:  is disorder in which people crave and eat non-food items or items with no nutritional value, such as dirt, paper or ice. A common symptom of iron deficiency anemia is pica, and specifically, the strong urge to eat ice.

^^^I was not so much into dirt or paper…But ICE ICE ICE..I was all about the ICE!

Anyways this was my pregnancy in a nut shell, there were obviously more details that went along with it like a few emergency trips to the hospital with weird and unexpected pains and random body occurrences, but this was it in a nutshell.

I personally don’t have anything to compare my pregnancy to, as I have only had the one and I have no idea what a singleton pregnancy is or can be like. However, all the doctors told me that with twins you get double the hormones and that your body just has to produce double the good stuff for the baby, so its just generally harder. The weight gain is more and there is just more going on, on the inside. Like, I seriously got HUGE, by my standards at least. My doctor was really adamant about constantly repeating to me that there are TWO babies inside so my body is working very differently. I think he was also trying to not scare me from getting pregnant again….

My friend and I had gone to the same doctor at Mt. Sinai and to my friend the doctor told her “Yes you are in pain, you are not special, you are not the first and you are not the last. Millions of women have gone through this and millions more will go through it, so just stick it out.”……This same doctor, never gave me this speech. So basically I believe I have some sort of super power and really am special haha In my head at least.

Basically by the 34th week, I wanted these babies out! All the doctors kept telling me sleep while you can, once their out thats it. Well here’s a fact; when you are almost double your regular size, you cant sleep anyways! So I did not care at this point how much extra work it would be having them out of me, thats what I wanted no matter what. Now, 6 1/2 months later. I can honestly say OUT is way, way better!

If you have anymore questions about my pregnancy, send me an email 🙂 I don’t promise I will be able to answer, as I only have my own experiences to share. But I will try my best! But hopefully, this answers most of it for those of you who have been asking 🙂

Our pregnancy announcement!

18 weeks pregnant!

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