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Our Trip to Saint Lucia!-Update on Our Travels With Two!

So to follow up on my last blog post about travelling with our twins!

Honestly the trip was pretty amazing! We loved every minute of it and honestly, for me personally, I wish I could stay there forever!

Now, as everyone with kids knows, travelling with children isn’t your typical relaxing vacation. We didn’t get to suntan under the palm trees and lather each other with sunscreen. Heck we were lucky if we even remembered to put on sunscreen on ourselves! But, none-the-less, I still considered it a vacation in my books. As a mom, for me, it really doesn’t make a difference where I am. Either way, I still have to change diapers, feed them, put them to bed and console them when they are upset, so whether I do it in Toronto or in Saint Lucia in this case, makes no difference really. However! I got to be in sun and swim and do all the fun things without having to worry about dinner, cleaning or work! AMAZING!!! So if you’re one of those moms that dreads going on vacation with kids, because its hard and a mission, just remember…no cooking!! That’s a win right there! Also, we brought my sister, aka the twins aunt for extra help and let me tell you it was amazing! She is so helpful always, but on vacation it was an extra bonus as mommy and daddy got to go out and have date nights 😉

The resort we stayed in was brand new and had only been open one month upon our arrival. It’s called the Royalton Saint Lucia Resort and Spa. The resort was beautiful!! Our stay there was absolutely breathtaking and incredible. We did get an upgraded room with an outdoor pool/jacuzzi, so we really got to enjoy our vacation. When we put them down for a nap in the room, we were still able to go out and enjoy the day in our terrace. Getting this room upgrade, I can honestly say, made our vacation! By 4pm, the twins wanted AC and some zzz’s their crib and not in a stroller anymore for their nap. So we put them down and let them have a long nap at this time well we just swam and tanned around on the terrace.

The hotel staff went out of their way to make sure our stay was grand. They brought us new cases of bottled water every morning since they knew the twins needed this for their formula and they would come twice a day to clean our room, as somehow we managed to make that much of a mess haha. The staff were all friendly and the service was amazing! Some people did complain about the service; but I guess that’s one perk of being a twin mom; everybody attended to us right away and was super nice 🙂 Maybe this is because they wanted to get rid of us faster…but I guess I’ll never know haha.

Would I recommend staying at this resort with children? Yes.

Would I go on vacation with the twins again? Yes. Started planning our next trip while we were on this trip.

Will my next trip be an all-inclusive resort again? As much as it was lovely and convenient and had all the perks. Our next trip will not be all inclusive, as I need to do something more than swim and lay around on the beach.

Let me know if you have any questions or are travelling soon with your kids and where your off to!

Some pictures below! More pictures can be seen on my Instagram account @twinsandall 🙂


Through good times and bad, the vacation goes on 😜