Travelling With Twins! Our First Vacation With Our Twins!

Well we are about to embark on our first family vacation as a family of four! Plus my sister…I’m not crazy! haha Taking my sister for extra help and support!

Am I scared? A little.

Will it be okay? Most likely.

Is the flight going to be awful? Probably.

Will we enjoy the trip while we are there? 100%.

Packing and getting ready for our first family trip is turning out to be very hard work! I have a whole suitcase full of regular diapers, swim diapers, baby formula, baby bottles, baby wipes, baby bibs, baby oatmeal, baby food, toys, and blankets! NOT to mention all their clothes, which is a whole other suitcase, because you know babies get changed a million times a day!

Anyhow, my husband and I are now sharing a smaller suitcase, so we don’t bring a million suitcases with us! Hopefully we don’t spit up and need to be changed throughout the day 😂

Things I have prepared for the plane:

-I have Elmo downloaded to the iPad as a last resort when all else fails on the plane.

-I have two baby carriers to walk up and down the aisles of the plane with.

-I have toys with leashes…yes leashes…( for their stroller, for when we are at the airport.

-I have extra formula, food, outfits, and blankets in a carry-on in case our suitcase gets lost.

-I have sweaters in case the plane is cold.

-I have anxiety medication for me as a last minute resort!—Just kidding! Kinda. I mean they have alcohol on flights, who needs medication! Right?

Wish us luck! I have read a lot about travelling with twins, with no real advice other than good luck. So I guess I’ll just hope for that. Luck. If anybody has any tip or tricks for travelling with babies please comment below!

Otherwise, watch for a follow up post!

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