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My Crazy Eventful Past Two Years…

Single? Downtown Living? Engaged? Wedding? Pregnant? Second Wedding? Pregnant with TWINS?!?! Yes…all of these things happened in about two years for me.

For my husband, Eugene and I, one baby was unexpected, let alone two, so we definitely weren’t prepared for anything. We were not ready to be parents, we weren’t trying to conceive, we weren’t married, we didn’t read any parenting books, or do any research on anything. We were quite literally thrown into this life, willfully of course, but non-the-less thrown.


We went from living Downtown Toronto, with a corner unit condo which faced the CN Tower and Rogers Centre, to living in Thornhill (suburbs); where my husband vowed he would never live, as he wanted to stay downtown forever! This was a tough decision for us, but we knew it was the right one as parents were nearby and we had no doubt in our minds that we needed all the help we can get! And boy were we right!!


The last two years were life changing for me, to say the least, but I wouldn’t change a thing! Just to give you a little glimpse of how much has happened in the past few years, I have made a little timeline of events:


July 2014-Met Eugene

December 2014-Eugene officially announced me his “girlfriend”

February 2015-Eugene and I moved in together

April 2015-We took a trip to Italy and Poland

August 2015-We took a trip to New York City

October 2015-We took a trip to Mexico

December 2015-We took a trip to Thailand

Christmas Even 2015-We got engaged!

Morning of February 24th, 2016-We planned and invited everybody to our destination wedding

Evening of February 24th, 2016-We sent a cancellation email for our destination wedding as we found out I was PREGNANT!


March 10th, 2016-First Ultrasound—TWINS!

May 21, 2016-Married in Toronto

June 2016-Eugene started a new and demanding job at Pearson International Airport

August 2016-Moved to Thornhill (suburbs)

October 6, 2016-Twins were born!


Life has definitely been crazy and overwhelming these past few years, but one day at a time I am trying to still soak it all in!



Ko Phi Phi, Thailand!

Monkey Island! Ko Phi Phi, Thailand!

Milan, Italy!

Venice, Italy!

Rome, Italy!

Colosseum, Rome, Italy!

Colosseum, Rome, Italy!


Grand Canal, Venice, Italy!

Rome, Italy!

Wedding Details!

Downtown Toronto! Wedding Photos!

As of May 21, 2016!


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