Welcome to Cyber for Students' CTF, or Capture The Flag. This is where you will come to submit flags (more on those in a moment) in order to get points for our workshop.

When you submit a flag or solve a challenge, you'll receive points that will then display on a scoreboard for everyone in the workshop to see. The points will remain on the scoreboard until the end of the workshop, so don't despair if you don't score as many points as you hoped in the first exercise. Similarly, don't get too cocky if you score lots of points in the first exercise!

But, what's a flag??

Superb question! Flags can take many forms, but they're words, phrases, or collections of letters and numbers that you submit in order to complete a challenge (and get pointssss). This list contains a series of possible flags:

What's a challenge?

Yet another great question! A challenge is a problem that you try to solve in order to get points. Sometimes, challenges are riddles, word problems, or vague instructions.

Usually, our exercises will be a series of challenges that guide you through some material. Below are some example challenges and their answers (these answers are referred to as flags):

  • Challenge: What comes next? 2, 4, 6, _

    Flag: 8

  • Challenge: What walks on 4 legs at dawn, 2 legs by day, and 3 legs at dusk?

    Flag: human

  • Challenge: A very real flag is right in front of you! Submit it for points :)

    Flag: ???

Hints + Advice

When you first start out doing CTFs, it can be really frustrating and confusing! Don't worry though - you can ask your friends, reach out to instructors, or just play around, depending on what you're comfortable with.

Challenges can range in difficulty from extremely easy and simple to extremely difficult and convoluted. So if you're stuck on one, try a different one, or phone a friend.

We also try to make challenges entertaining and educational, so be on the lookout for puns and jokes.